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In a sauna

In a sauna

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Anu was born in November 1971 and quite soon I decided to take a picture of her and me in sauna as long as she was small. Thus in January -72 I did the job. I took the ”worse” 35 mm camera body and an electronic flash. I wrapped the camera to three a must, because moisture would condense on a cold lens and the picture would be ruined.

After enjoying decent heat as usual, I opened the door of the heat room to cool it dowplastic bags to keep off moisture and put it on the sauna bench to warm up. This was n enough for a baby, who's body couldn't yet control body heat properly in sauna. (In the age of about one, being able to walk, toddlers can themselves decide if they like the heat or not. Most of them like it.)

I set the warmed-up camera on a tripod with a wide-angle lens and flash so near a wall, that I could not look through the viewfinder. I grabbed Anu after starting the 10 sec selftimer and sat down trying to fit the frame. I snapped four pictures and this one was clearly the best.

When we discussed the photos for these cards, Anu strictly demanded that this must be one – although I did not resist at all.

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