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Our corporate videos have typically been infomercials, concentrating on facts and information henche the name. Nowadays Internet is the most common way to distrubute these videos. You can find them from video service sites such as YouTube, corporate directories and of course, from homepages companies. People generally don't watch very long videos unless they are already very interested in their content. Because of this, many corporate infomercials tend to be quite short, usually 30 s. - 2 min. long.

Usually the videos have voiceover narration. It is necessary especially when a video is distributed without any clear context, like in YouTube and a corporate directory. Sometimes If most of the people will see the video via homepage of the company, all the things of speech can be told on the same page as text. Need of voice track can also be questioned if video will used in conventions, seminars and such. In such places it may be difficult to hear the narration because the surrounding noise.

Without voiceover track music becomes more important as it has more room to use. In our productions we want to ensure effective use of music, and that's why it's usually composed specifically for each video. It's usually composed by a professional musician specifically for a each video to ensure to we get exactly right kind of atmosphear. From below you can watch example of this kind of video.



We have made over 40 corporate infomercials. Below we have some examples. They were made in cooperation with Spotzer Mediagroup. Shooting, videography and editing is work of Kuvaris, everything else is made by Spotzer. Because they've all made for Finnish companies, language of the videos is Finnish.


Horse race center of Seinäjoki

Student apartment agency

Building construction (summer cottages)


Halavatun Papat, comedy music group with entertainment services


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