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Boys and a thrush

Boys and a thrush

Tuplaklikkaa kuvaa nähdäksesi sen kokonaan

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Our family used to hire a summer home by Lake Kallavesi for every summer when we lived in Kuopio. In the picture my brother Veikko keeps the trush, which collided to a window but recovered after a while.

The other boys are by brothers, too. One is missing, as well as our sister.

I don´t remember the camera´s brand name, but it was of the type Zeiss Ikonta and others. They were not much thicker than a wallet (a wealthy one´s, anyway)when closed and were opened with their bellows extended for taking a picture. Distance to the subject was guesswork using the distance scale of the lens. Exposure was guesswork as well. The viewfinder, by the way, was not extremely accurete in showing the edges of the picture area.

My camera was for 6x9cm film (roll film type 120). It was actually exceptional that a picture was both correctly focused and more or less correctly exposed. The picture area used in the card is about half of the negative area. I probably avoided close distance because of the the danger of wrong focusing.

Thus, the result is a combination of different kinds of good luck. On the other hand, as I have heard, a photographer needs a lot luck – and a few seem to have it again and again, more than the others...; -) My feeling is that it is important to give luck a chance by looking around with a camera at hands. When being within life in a brief moment it is essential. Having three cameras at home instead does not help much...

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