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Youth in a night train

Youth in a night train

Tuplaklikkaa kuvaa nähdäksesi sen kokonaan

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   Travelling by night train from Helsinki to Oulu was usually far from boring. That time - in the early 70s - it lasted about ten hours, if not more. Restaurant was open as long as it had clients, often to 5 a.m. in weekends. Smoking was allowed there, as well as in the smoking car where these late teens travelled.

They were on their way to Lapland for winter holiday, obviously to one of the several ski resorts up there. One couple was engaged. Conductor noticed an opened bottle of wine while checking tickets but ignored it because the young behaved well.

No one expressed in any way that I should not take pictures as I was a couple of late evening hours with them. We had nice conversations and I snapped a picture every now and then. They were not, however, kissing all the time...Just afterwards I noticed that in kissing-pictures most had chosen a gesture that slightly hides their face. Quite clever.

I used a setarate flash. I directed it upwards in order to make it shatter the same way as the car´s own lights.

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